Designated as a North Norfolk Youth Music Centre, we have many musical activities to educate and inspire young musicians. We have high quality music teachers available as well as sessions on Musical Awareness, Ensemble Training, Chamber Music, Composition and Courses for all abilities.  

We run a weekly music morning from 10am -1pm on Saturdays during term time. It is full of musical activities

to educate and inspire young orchestral players,

including sessions in the following subjects 

Musical Awareness - This will be a varied programme of training which will range from learning about the great composers, the history of music to performance techniques and music theory.

Ensemble Training & Chamber Music - This will take place in a variety forms such as trios, quartets and large ensemble groups. There will be ample performance opportunities at the end of each term and during term-time for special events, providing our students with the most enriching experience possible. We also regularly organise trips out to watch professional ensembles and join in with them occasionally too!

Composition - We will teach students how to harmonise and learn the varied techniques used by the most famous and successful composers. We will hope that students will become confident enough to bring their own compositions to the class so we can perform them and showcase their work at end of term concerts.

The fees for the morning training session will be £12 all inclusive. If you would like to book a place or for more information, please contact us on the details below.


Individual Music Lessons - Should your child require individual lessons in a musical instrument please let us know and we will endeavour to find a high quality teacher to teach your child. We already have a roster of teachers signed up to teach at the Belfry alongside the lessons Lucy (Piano) and Keith (Violin) will teach.