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Serving The Interests Of The Local Community, Operating On A Not-For-Profit Basis

Classical music recitals, art clubs, yoga, scrabble, meditation, a beautiful cafe serving food & drinks and much more!

The Belfry Centre is an Arts & Community Centre specialising in cultural and educational classes and events. We are proud of our Young Musician Scheme where we lend out musical instruments to young students so they can learn without the worry or expense of buying a new instrument. We currently have around 30 instruments on loan to budding young musicians. We also provide bursaries each year to four young students who show great promise to help fund their musical education.

We run the Centre on a voluntary, not for profit basis and we would like to thank anyone who volunteers for us or who has supported us in anyway, we are extremely grateful and could not continue without you. If you would like to help us continue this work please think about joining our Patron Scheme or donating to the Centre via our Donate button above. Thank you - Keith & Lucy

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